EEC-148U2 Travel Adapter With Dual USB Charger 1A


USB Travel Adapter is a powerful all-in-one solution with built-in 4 plugs and shuttered universal outlet to allow connecting laptop, mobile phones, cameras or other travelling 5Vdc powered devices. The Patented USB Travel Adapter can be used as an adapted USB charger simultaneously in more than 150 countries.

Safety Approval :

  • Built-in multi-nation plugs can be selected to fit wall outlets in different countries. Perfect for your appliances in oversease travel. Perfect for your appliances in oversease travel. All-in-One integrated design. Universal plugs + Universal outlet + USB charger.
  • International patented safety locking and plug-out mechanism design. LED charging status indicators. USB charger, ideal for use with iPad( 2,100/1,000mA charger only), iPhone, iTune, iPod, mobile phone, MP3, GPS.
  • Ingenious! Stylish! Light weight! Compact! Easy to carry! Use in anywhere! Anytime! Perfect for travelling.
  • Safety shutter, avoid direct touch of live parts in the outlet by accident. Safe for the children.
  • Built-in fuse for overload protection.
  • CEemc FCC RoHS Listed.